Most businesses have no clear idea why they actually exist, they just aimlessly compete in markets because that’s what they’ve always done.  Their fortunes are largely dictated by the prevailing economic winds and the effectiveness of their competitors.  The purpose or “why” serves as the North Star of a company, it embodies the very reason it exists.  And, this North Star then becomes the guiding principle of the organizational structure, leadership, company culture, products and offerings and the markets to service, marketing and messaging, and talent attraction and retention. When these things emanate from the core — the purpose — the business and its products and services become a magnetic match for those customers and clients that are a vibrational match.  This is the difference between repeat customers and loyal customers.  Total clarity on intrinsic purpose is the fuel that launches the rocket.


Business is also still business.  A business needs to be profitable to be viable and act as a force of good in this world.  Purpose-based business mastery is all about increased ROI.  Increased top line revenues, lower cost, and supercharged talent acquisition and retention are just a few of the ROI drivers.  Other areas are enhanced business focus to eliminate serving the wrong customers, participating in the wrong markets, straying into wrong ancillary businesses, and failing to add true value through the products and services a business offers.  Moreover, a purpose-based business infuses leadership with inspiration and deep fulfillment that cannot be derived from merely existing for the sake of making money.


In this fast-paced era of ubiquitous availability of data and information there are very few true differentiators.  We believe our products and services are differentiated, but in reality this is temporary or wishful thinking.  When our products and services are similar and identical, we’re operating in the world of commodities.  Our only true differentiator is what makes us truly unique and that’s without fail our intrinsic purpose.  That’s the business DNA that cannot be copied or replicated because it’s intrinsic and unique like a fingerprint.  From this North Star, the business can position itself in the blue ocean territory of the market, basically a market of one.  This is where the competitive advantage is defendable and lasting because the unique vibrational resonance of the business can never be matched or replicated.




The “why” discovery is an intensive process of distilling down the intrinsic purpose of business so it’s laser focused on why it exists in the first place.  This intrinsic purpose is the North Star, it doesn’t change over time although it could be further refined and this becomes the guiding light for everything the business does, offers, and how it shows up in the world.



Part of our advisory work is business grounding which means anchoring the business in its core principles and values that flow from the intrinsic purpose. Drawing on our own academic pedigree and extensive corporate experience we know the language of business but at the same time we’re versed in personal mastery and drawing on the wisdom and insights of the ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary spiritual teachings to supercharge the success and prosperity of a business. In fact, we believe business advisory is deep spiritual work as it concerns mankind.



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North America is our core market, but on occasion we engage with businesses in Latin America and Europe.  At this time we don’t take on engagements in Asia, Africa, or Australia.