There’s another level.

Guidance to ascend to a

Higher plane.

high performance, successful alpha males are a special breed…

“great spirits have always

encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”



Despite all of your perceived successes, you are frustrated, bored, empty, irritated, angry, moody, edgy, or even depressed.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, the fact is that the pursuit of success, money, wins, houses, cars, toys, and women used to be fun and fulfilling.

The chase used to make you feel fully alive, but these days it all sort of feels like a monotonous soup of the same old, been there, done that.

Everything is sort of okay.

Fuck okay.


Every high-achieving man reaches a point in his life where he’s at his pinnacle of worldly success – what I refer to as Sensory Wealth – the wealth we can see, feel, hear, touch, and taste with our five senses.  And, wealth has many dimensions and can literally be anything we deem valuable: money, relationships, health, etc.  And guess what? This will likely be the toughest and most pivotal point in his life. I call it the Power Crucible. Most men (Alpha or not) never even get there, because they struggle to just reach worldly success.

You know you’ve reached the Power Crucible when you can no longer experience your Power through your pursuits of worldly success. Literally, you’ve saturated this way of feeling your Power, the incremental value of having more of what you already achieved is no longer adding to your sense of wealth.  Your happiness plateaued, you’ve hit a ceiling. To an Alpha, not feeling your Power is like not getting oxygen. You wither away, you start dying on the inside. It’s a slow and agonizing way to go and nobody around you really understands it because you have everything.

They will never fully understand, they’re not Alphas.

What I discovered by hitting my own ceiling of Sensory Wealth is that there’s another level, another gear, which remains unseen and illusive until we reach our Power Crucible.  That dimension I call Sacred Wealth and it’s not just about getting better or more productive at Sensory Wealth even though that’s an inevitable byproduct of mastering Sacred Wealth.  No, Sacred Wealth is an entire differently dimension, a level of joy, happiness, fulfillment, wisdom, health, performance, and Zen-like peace unknown and inaccessible to you before.  So, welcome and embrace this Power Crucible, it means you’re ready and being invited by this universe to something profound and completely life-shifting.  That is, if you accept the invitation. 


I’ve been there and I know what I did. I blew up my life. I self-destructed everything that I had created and loved only to destroy it with as much gusto. I took the path of numbing my pain by taking needless business risks, alcohol, drugs, seeking cheap thrills, and indulging in meaningless affairs. I took the epic fall from grace route, and even though I wouldn’t change it for the world I wouldn’t encourage you to do the same. Because it’s simply not necessary, there’s a far better and easier way.

My message is not for everyone…

I am here to share my truth and do my work, not to make new friends. My message – I like to call it my medicine – can be provoking and deeply challenging as it’s intended to help you see the world and life in a different light.

My message is intended for those Alpha leaders that are Power Players ready to become Power Masters. Those that intuitively feel there’s something else for them to discover, another gear that can be unlocked except they can’t really verbalize what or where that gear is. What I offer is deeply rooted in spiritual wisdom. But, no matter how much my now ex-wife and the New Age movement of the world nudged me to “become” more spiritual I simply couldn’t connect with any of these spiritual teachings and frameworks until I translated it into a language I understood as an Alpha Male. That language is Power and once I made that translation and stripped the fluffiness and woo woo out it all become crystal clear to me. You might be one of those if this speaks to you, keep reading and listen to your inner voice. If we are meant to work together, you will know it and we will.

Robert Althuis


Robert Althuis Lion

My downfall forced me to embark on a powerful journey of self-study, years of learning things the hard way, and going within while rebuilding my life from the ground up. I learned throughout history the most powerful men have walked through this passage at some point and that at his core the Alpha leader is not driven by his pursuits. For the Alpha, it’s all about Power. Mastering his own Powers.

After years of studying behavioral psychology, neurolinguistics (NLP), quantum physics, biohacking, all the ancient wisdom traditions and experimenting with countless other healing modalities like plant medicines and shamanic rituals I discovered that there is a level up from the world of Sensory Wealth and we can all learn to access these Powers within ourselves. Even the most success Alphas are only dabbling in these Powers. Once you reach the Power Crucible, cultivating and activating – mastering – the full potential of our Powers is the only way out of the golden prison of low-grade misery that has become your life.

I created the Sacred Wealth Mastery framework which I use to coach and guide Power Players to become Power Masters. Why Sacred?  Because we start from a baseline understanding there’s an infinite intelligence that governs all of creation and that all life is sacred.  With reverence for these powers and universal laws, we become the powerful creators of our own destiny.  The Sacred Wealth Mastery framework I developed goes deep into the various branches of Power we possess to fully understand them on a fundamental level, cultivate them within, and obtain mastery which we can then deploy and apply to every facet of our life. It’s deep work but I cut out all the fluffy woo woo stuff. I am an Ivy-league educated businessman turned coach, I like plain English and don’t do bullshit. Power Mastery is the next level and your invitation to reclaim your edge and awaken to the feeling of total aliveness anchored in the quiet calm the Buddhist monks call “zen.”


When we change within, the world changes. The power within you is unlimited, what you can have and create is essentially unlimited. But, it has to be awakened, cultivated, and mastered.