“knowing yourself
is the beginning of all

– Aristotle –


As a successful Alpha, you have achieved worldly success, but once you have “achieved it all” you may find yourself asking, “what now?” How do I keep the spark alive now that I have it all? 

The answer is to understand that your potential is infinite. There’s no upper limit on the abundance of money, love, health, vitality, joy, happiness, fulfillment, or Zen you can have or experience.

But, you have to awaken.  Awaken to what you might wonder?

Beyond your story of self lies a giant reservoir of untapped potential.  Your true human potential.  This reservoir is available to all of us, but we have to ‘awaken’ from our story which is purely based on conditioned thinking and our perception of reality. 

You are stuck at the upper limit  of what is possible for you at your current level of understanding. “The Work” you will do as part of the rite of passage called Awakening is all about getting you “unstuck” by removing these glass ceilings.  My work as a coach is to guide you through this transformation and as a result your understanding will evolve and expand.

And when we change our understanding, our world changes.

It’s that simple.


“great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

– Albert Einstein –

Robert Althuis Hands Crossed


Robert Althuis Walking

As Alpha leaders, the world encourages us to become masters of the universe we inhabit. We strive, we work hard, and we achieve “worldly success.” For some of us this is enough, we’ve won the game of life.

But for me, achieving “worldly success” just left me with an unsettling feeling of restlessness and emptiness. The void I was trying to fill couldn’t be satisfied with pursuing more of the same; more money, more houses, more cars, more toys, more thrills, more women, more exotic vacations. 

Of course these things are nice, but they only provide surface level happiness. I had everything and to an outsider, I was living a really good life but inside I was dying.  A prisoner of the system, I was stuck on a carousel called “my life.”  Going round and round, getting more and more of the same, I was stuck in my zone of excellence.  I realized that if I didn’t make a change, I would never progress into my zone of genius. 

In my awakened leadership coaching, I call this moment of realization The Power Crucible. It’s the moment we realize that we can no longer experience our Power through our worldly pursuits. For Alphas, our natural leaders, to be cut off from our Power is to be cut off from oxygen. Without it, we suffocate and die a slow death.

As I undertook my own transformative journey, I realized that we get stuck because we are not living by our own rules. Our ability to express what is in our soul is often muted because we only put into the world what we believe the world is asking us for. On my journey, I discovered that we can only fill this void by harmonizing our inner world with our outer world and to do this we must awaken to our full human potential

Worldly success is our outer world which is where we create our outer wealth.  Spiritual realization is our inner world where we create our inner wealth.  When these two are in balance and harmony we can create what I call sacred wealth – wealth on all levels – and we start living the life we really want as we master our full human potential.

As you venture on this journey of awakening, you awaken to this vast untapped potential within you.  You evolve, expand, and grow as you do your entire world will change. 


The Power Crucible is just a wake-up call.  It’s the universe nudging you that there’s more, a whole other level, and that you’re ready.

But, you’re a free will soul and you get to choose when you’re ready to go on this journey of awakening.

The way you feel won’t really change, but you can numb or ignore it as long as you wish.  There’s no problem or any judgment in this, you get to make this choice and whether you choose to embark on this rite of passage or not makes you no more or less of good person or human.

Those are all just stories.

But, I can share everything you ever wanted is on the other side of this awakening journey.

As you escape the chains of being a conditioned puppet of the system – stuck in your story – you will discover true freedom lives within you.

You become whole, complete, and start living a life that follows your true purpose. You become a force of good in this world and whatever you choose to touch you will change for the better.

Everything comes alive, you will come alive, and as you step into your greatness the current void within you will be filled with true joy, happiness, and fulfillment as well as deep passionate love and vibrant health.

I know because I was you. 

My own journey taught me that we cannot find this level of fulfilment in the outer world no matter how hard we work.

Everything that you want and desire comes from within.

And, if you feel ready, I am inviting you to go on this journey with me.  I cannot walk this path for you, but I can show you the way.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

– Martin Luther King –


The world is merely a mirror. What we see, witness, and experience in our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world. The hate, anger, violence, inequality, injustices and disharmony we see in the world are all rooted in fear. Fear there’s lack, fear we might fail, fear we’re not enough, fear we have to become something to be someone, fear of the unknown or unfamiliar, fear of death even and the greatest fear of all, our own greatness.

Yes, what would happen if we can have everything we want?

Not the conditioned dreams and aspirations of our egoic mind – most or all of which you might have already realized – but the big dream, the one your soul wants to express into this world. All these fears live within each of us, that is until we awaken to truth at which time we organically transcend these fears. Beyond these fears is our zone of genius where we find the true freedom, abundance, success, and love we all crave so much.

Therefore, this world – your reality or experience of this world – will not change until you change within, it’s just that simple. Your job/work is not to change this world, your job/work is to change within and in turn the world will change.

So within, so without.

How do I know?

Because I was you.

Until I found my mentors, guides, and teachers who showed me the way.  There’s no hierarchy in any of this, we all just pay it forward.  You will too someday soon.

Robert Althuis Sacred Wealth The Work


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

– Lao Tzu –

So, what exactly is Spiritual Realization (also called self-realization) and how do we achieve it?

Spiritual Realization is the fulfillment of your full human potential which comes from understanding that you are not the limited version of Self that is constructed by the egoic mind and conditioned thinking.  Self realization is knowing that within you there is an unlimited version of Self which is your soul’s genius, and it is that part of you which has access to Sacred Wealth when it’s awakened. 

The path to self-realization starts with an initiation, a rite of passage if you will. This awakening process leads you to achieve self-realization where you can work on your inner greatness. Where you can identify the unique gifts you are meant to bring into this world and live a life of abundance, purpose, success, love, passion, and true happiness. Sacred Wealth Mastery is a framework that guides you on this journey of awakening.

When we awaken, we raise our awareness and we start seeing the world in a very different light. We see how everything in this world is connected and interdependent (“oneness”), how everything works, we gain a deeper understanding of universal laws (i.e. deep truths) and how we create our own reality. Life becomes more vibrant and colorful and we become a more powerful co-creator of our own reality. We rise above societal conditioning, cultural beliefs, religious dogma and the limiting beliefs of our egoic mind.

When we awaken, our mind becomes a finely tuned instrument in work to the intelligence of the heart.. We learn to tap into the innate intelligence of our body which helps guide us to realizing vibrant health. When we awaken, we can work on reclaiming our soul’s sovereignty.

Sacred Wealth Mastery is a coaching framework I created to guide successful Alphas leaders through the rite of passage called awakening so they can step into their full human potential and become Awakened Leaders.

This is deep spiritual work and it will transform you, but I am also an Ivy-league educated businessman so I don’t do fluffy woo woo stuff.  I like to keep it real – zero bullshit – just teachings and wisdoms that have stood the test of time and actually help us create our best life. 

How Do I Keep The Spark Alive?


When I was going through my own awakening, the image of a phoenix rising from the ashes was one that resonated with me deeply. To reinvent ourselves, we have to “burn” or let go of what’s no longer serving us.

This can mean letting go of our conditioned thinking, but it may also refer to careers, romantic relationships, friendships, and sometimes entire ways of living. It looks different for each person but there’s always a part we have to let go so the new can arise within us. 

Some of this “letting go” can be graceful, eloquent, and peaceful but at other times it can be painful, scary, and seemingly chaotic. But, ultimately, it’s all part of a beautiful transformation and even within that which may seem chaotic resides the seed of order. 

Nevertheless, the early stages of awakening are often accompanied by feeling empty, restless, moody, disengaged, and sometimes depression or even suicidal thoughts.

Often, some sort of life crisis (e.g. loss of a job, work pressure, stalled career, failing business, divorce, illness, grief, etc.) is a trigger. All of this is normal, you should not worry, you are just awakening.

And, you are exactly where you need to be because there are no flukes, accidents, coincidences or random acts in this universe.

In fact, it’s no coincidence you’re reading this right now. The Phoenix is within all of us. There are no exceptions, and you will rise from the ashes to find that what lies ahead is far grander, more colorful, more invigorating, and more inspiring than you might be able to imagine right now. 

I say this with confidence as I’ve walked your path, I’ve lived your pain, I’ve endured your anguish and confusion.

I swam across the spiritual river thinking so many times the river was going to swallow me whole, but I kept swimming and reached the other shore.

I’m here to light your path, to guide the way, and help you increase your understanding of your true potential. I have “medicine”to share, but you are your own healer, your own guru, your own mystic.

You are that magnificent, that powerful, that divine, my only job/work is to remind you of what you deep down already know. I am ready when you are.