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Explore the fundamental fabric and
governing principles of all Creation

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What happens if you have everything,
but still feel empty?

title - youre not lost just awakening to a new way of being

Not all who wander are lost…

You might be a CEO or elite performer of any sort, or maybe a creative or lawyer or anything else really – awakening souls can be anything in daily life or any age but they all have one thing in common.

They’re seeking something.

The world around you might see you as being lost, your mind might have doubts but your soul knows better.  What you’re seeking is Truth. In an ocean of conformity this truly make you a different breed…a truth seeker brave enough to walk the pathless land.

Why then, do you have this one reoccurring thought:

“Why does it feel there’s more to life?”

Like something feels missing yet I can’t put my finger on it…


You can't solve a problem with the same level of mind that created it.

title - signs youre awakening

Chances are, you feel lost because you’re awakening. Do any of these apply to you?

  • You feel stuck, restless, bored, unhappy, or depressed.
  • Your old interests aren’t appealing. Wins aren’t as joyful.
  • You sense something is still missing but can’t exactly put your finger on it.
  • You have a desire to withdraw and find it more difficult to relate to others.

Oftentimes, the Awakening process is initiated by a massive breakdown or failure, such as

  • Struggling Business
  • Broken Marriage
  • Failing Health
  • Any Crisis or Catastrophe

I call these divine gifts wrapped in sandpaper, but more on that later. Despite your success thus far, you sense there’s more to life…another level. You’re just unsure exactly how to get there.

What’s missing is thriving on all levels and being truly happy, fulfilled, and at peace.

If you resonate with any of the above, you’re an Awakening Wandering Soul and right where you need to be.

title - the heros journey

The Hero’s Journey is as old as time and chronicles the stages of human transformation.  This distinct path of human evolution is deeply spiritual in nature and rooted in mythology, ancient wisdom traditions, and even storytelling across all cultures and ages.


diagram - the heros journey

The Crucible is the pivotal junction point in life where you are being called to go within to ascend to the next level.

 Your Hero’s Journey is a rite of passage to something far greater than you can imagine, and the greatest part is, you already hold the power to access it inside you.

Awakening is not something we consciously choose – our soul does – but we don’t have to walk this path alone.  As the old adage goes “when you’re ready, the teacher will appear” and this is an integral part of The Hero’s Journey.


robert althuis
title - meet Robert Althuis

If any of this resonates with you, just know I feel you because I WAS you.

I was a wandering soul my whole life who became an Ivy-league educated former senior executive at GE and later I was a successful entrepreneur, real estate developer, and had my own boutique investment firm.  Over my 20+ year career I did business in excess of $3 billion spanning 4 continents. I graduated top 10% from my b-school, made executive band (top 1%) at GE at age 34, and was paid millions because I had a talent for making a lot of money for GE and later my investors.

But, I didn’t listen to the call to go within. As I was stubborn in my “Refusal of the Call” my life started coming apart, culminating in a divorce and a wrecked business which was my crisis called the “Crucible.”

I’ve now come to see this epic fall from grace as my greatest gift – my divine gift wrapped in sandpaper. It forced me to go within, to dig deep, and ultimately led me to a whole new level of success, abundance, health, and happiness.


Today, helping others on their journey is my true passion as most of my time is devoted to guiding clients like you, speaking, and writing. When I work with high achievers like you, I recognize myself in you and find joy in making your journey a little less bumpy than mine…avoiding the common pitfalls along the way.


Absolute Privacy and Confidentiality

My private 1:1 coaching practice centers around working with clients in places of power and influence and/or those who are highly visible in their profession or in the public eye.

Most often, I guide them through major life transformations which are deeply personal in nature.

Hence, I have an absolute privacy & confidentiality policy and therefore never disclose the identity of my clients or feature and promote client testimonials.

It’s a private practice, literally.

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.

title - this is how it works - 4 simple steps - fast free and focused


Let’s have a quick conversation. This is where you can tell me about your dreams and make a decision to change your life.


We will start by going through what it is that drives you, where you feel stuck, and what your best life looks like to you.


Together we will dig deep and unearth things you do not see to develop a solid plan of action to change your life.


Finally we will deploy the strategy that will break through your old barriers and allow you to attract and achieve your desires.



No man is free who is not master of himself.

Title — Your grand odyssey - the luminous path

My downfall forced me to embark on a powerful journey of self-study — years of learning things the hard way — and going within while rebuilding my life from the ground up.

From behavioral psychology, mindset, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), quantum physics, biohacking, and more.. I discovered that there are certain laws and principles that govern all of us. And, as we can witness in nature, all of this is premised on abundance, regeneration, balance, and harmony. This became the foundation of the The Luminous Path I created to coach and guide my clients.

title — what do you believe is impossible?

Your beliefs about life are at the origins of everything your life is today. Expanding your understanding and removing the limits you have set for yourself are how you live your best life.

Awakening is a journey into a deeper understanding of life, accessing your dormant powers, and reconnecting with your Higher Self. Master these principles and you will live your very best life of success, abundance, love, health, and fulfillment.


When we raise our level of mind, we literally grow and expand beyond our current problems. We see solutions we couldn’t see before and realize results we didn’t think were possible before.

I call this More, Deeper, and Better of the things we all want.

Investing in yourself forces your impact, influence, and power to amplify when you come into full alignment with your innate gifts. When we change within, our world changes. The power within to have and create is essentially unlimited. But, it has to be awakened, cultivated, and mastered.

title - the cost of inaction

If you’re feeling lost or unhappy, this won’t change unless you change. Your struggling business, passionless marriage, failing health, or whatever it is that’s causing you grief will still be there until you take action.

You can try numbing your pain and get lost in alcohol, tobacco, drugs, buying more houses or toys, gambling, extravagance, sex, porn, or maybe even having an affair.  All of these are escapism, and none of these will work.

With time, you will feel more and more isolated, more disconnected, and only more lost.

The only way out is through, and through means going within.

You get to choose when you commit to go on this rite of passage called Awakening, but the journey itself is not optional.

So, the question then becomes what is inaction costing me?

Millions in unrealized earnings potential, a costly divorce, or paying for health emergencies? What’s the cost of missing out on a deeply satisfying love relationship, a thriving relationship with your kids, enjoying vibrant health, or just experiencing a deep sense of joy and fulfillment?

The point is, there’s usually a massive cost to inaction.

So, frankly, the best time is always now.

Let’s have a powerful and zero obligations conversation and explore what’s possible for you.

the heros journey downloadable content
title - getting what money cant buy

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with material wealth. It’s just incomplete. It provides us with momentary excitement — but not the deep purposeful, aligned, and inspired love, joy, happiness and fulfillment we all seek.

That’s what money can’t buy. This is your introduction to your inner world — your roadmap to Awakening — where everything is more, deeper, and better than you could possibly imagine today.