What a great read, the author spells out a compelling case on why and how to infuse what I call “soul” into your business.

And, these days with so many companies struggling to recruit and retain talent, this couldn’t be any more relevant or essential.

Most people no longer just want a job, they want to join a mission that aligns with their personal values. Something that’s much bigger than just making profits, something that serves a greater cause.

I help my corporate clients get crystal clear on their “why” – the very purpose why the business exists – and in turn this creates a magnetic North which directs everything from the company culture, values, branding and marketing, all the way to which clients it serves and the products and services they offer.

They shift from competing in the crowded red ocean to creating their own unique blue ocean positioning which allows them to thrive. Not just in terms of profits, even though typically they become more profitable also.

All of this starts with Awakening Leadership Training Program.

A company won’t change unless/until leadership changes and by changing I am really talking about evolving to a higher level of thinking, knowing, and understanding.

My stand is to “inspire and create a world of love & truth.” A world where love is the currency we value above all and where truth is our magnetic North.

I love business and I am a staunch believer in the catalyst it can be for positive change and prosperity. But, a business without a magnetic North of truth will inevitably cause harm – we can witness this abound in the world today.

A business that is devoid of love, compassion, and respect for humanity, our planet, and the greater good for all is really just a soulless enterprise.

And, these are the companies struggling right now to attract the talent they need to thrive because people – especially the younge generations – are deeply longing to be part of something bigger, wholesome, and purposeful.

DM me if you’d like to explore this soul work for your business.

Love & Truth,
Robert Althuis

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