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I’m a personal mastery coach, author, speaker, seasoned entrepreneur, and father of three amazing kids. I’m also the creator of several spiritual teaching methodologies and Founder of the Sacred Wealth Institute which provides Transformation Life Coaching Services. Our transformational coaching and training organization focused on helping high-performance executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, visionaries, innovators, and game-changers to break through their limits and reach their full potential.

In my work with high-achieving men, I show them how to honor and respect the feminine for its beauty, value, and magnificence so they can embody the sacred masculine. Through this work, it became clear to me that wholeness comes from merging the masculine and the feminine within and without. So, I decided to bring you a FREE (women only) masterclass because I have discovered that directly experiencing high octane, safe, and reverent masculine energy can be a profoundly healing experience for every woman who has unhealed masculine-related wounds or trauma.

Directly experiencing safe and reverent masculine energy in a safe container allows a woman to gently recondition her nervous system so it’s no longer triggered into an autonomic fight-or-flight response by the presence of the masculine. In this way, she can move beyond the past trauma and feel safe again to open up to new love while trusting fully in her feminine intuition to make the right choices for herself.

Please join me if you feel called.

Love & Truth,
Robert Althuis

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