BraveryThe True Bravery

I dare you to love the one you think you hate.

That’s it.

Seems simple enough, right?

And, if love is a bridge too far, for now, start with listening.

But, listen with your heart, not your mind.

And, see what happens.

You’ll find there’s a real person opposite you.  Another soul with dreams, desires, and needs.  Another human just like you that’s doing the very best they can from the level of understanding and truth they currently have.

No exceptions.

Just this simple practice alone will fortify and sharpen your spiritual maturity, emotional intelligence, overall humanity, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and overall humanity in ways that will mesmerize you.

The black and white ways in which your mind perceives the world will be introduced to the universe of shades of grey in which your heart dwells.

And, you’ll see for yourself we’re not all that different.

This is the only path to truth, unity, harmony, and balance.

It’s the only road to peace and love.

Peace within, peace in this world, and becoming a peaceful warrior.

I dare you.

I will say it’s actually not so easy, but I promise the gains are countless.

It will guide you to the only truth worth knowing, that we’re all one and every single one wants to be seen, heard, and loved.

Love & Truth,

Robert Althuis

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