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It always gets me how all spiritual principles are so deviously simple.  I said simple, not easy.

For instance, we search high and low for our purpose in life, read Top Life Coaching Books and maybe even hire pricey coaches to figure it all out.

Let me save you the time and money.  The purpose of life is happiness.  That’s it.  Couldn’t be more simple yet we struggle mightily searching endlessly and wondering if we are on our life path.

Let me ask you, how could you not be on your life path?  Whatever path you’re on here and now is always your life path, period.  At least right this moment.  You actually can’t screw this one up, no matter how much mind space you waste on wondering if you are.

See how simple this is?

So, the obvious question to ask is why do we make it so hard?

Well, everyone wants to be seen, heard, and valued.  I can actually sum all that up in one word: love.

We need love like we need oxygen, arguably more.  And, based on our upbringing, societal beliefs, and religious dogma our minds get conditioned that to be enough – to be lovable basically – we need to do, be and look like all sorts of made up beliefs about life or we’re not lovable.

And, most often, we get so entangled in that cobweb of conditioned thinking that it’s not even that we’re not loved by others, we don’t love ourselves.

And, that’s the root cause of maybe 99% of all unhappiness.

We simply don’t love ourselves.

You see, if you love yourself you’ll have the confidence, courage, and inspiration to express yourself fully.  Fully expressed people chase their dreams, and simply by chasing them full-heartedly their desires inevitably come true.

Moreover, love is highly contagious.  You loving yourself will attract love into your life in all sorts of ways, that’s the magnetism of love.  And voila, your life becomes one big love party and happiness ensues.

See how simple all of this is?

Just love yourself.

Love & Truth,


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