The Human JourneyThe Spiritual World

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Today, most of humanity lives in one dimension yet we are all multi-dimensional beings, and all have direct access to the “other side.”

Let me explain, but before I do so I think it will be helpful for me to define some terminology.

•  Ordinary World – This is the material or physical world that we experience with our five senses. In some contexts, I might also call it the Outer World. All these terms refer to the same thing.

•  Spiritual World – This represents the metaphysical world; those realms or dimensions we cannot observe with our five senses. I also refer to this as our Inner World, in contrast to the Outer World.
•  Consciousness – This term is more fully explained in the article, but in essence it points at our Soul – that which is infinite and eternal. In certain contexts I might use the word Observer or Higher Self as well.

•  Intelligence – I use this term specifically to refer to that which is in alignment and concert with the intelligence of life itself. Anything that’s not in alignment or concert with the intelligence of life itself I may refer to as unintelligent or unintelligence. When I use the term intelligence, I am not referring to IQ, the mind’s capacity to solve riddles and math problems or, in other words, the logical thinking capacities of the mind. Intelligence from a spiritual perspective is a fundamentally different concept than logical thinking.

•  Mind – Our body has a brain, an organ. Our brain can be seen as the hardware that enables our mind, which is formless, to serve as our software. Our logical mind has the capacity to think and memorize. Thinking produces electrochemical reactions, which are our thoughts. Our mind can commit those thoughts to memory, which is how thoughts become memories. Beliefs are a mental acceptance of a claim in thought form that we consider to be true.

•  Egoic Mind – Our egoic mind is the mind’s perception of ourselves. Since the mind is formless, this perception only exists in thought form. In other words, it’s not real. It’s a psychological construct; however, when we are identified with the mind—and hence our thoughts—we erroneously believe we are the egoic mind’s perception of ourselves.

•  Conscious Mind – That part of our thinking, thoughts, and beliefs that we are consciously aware of and, therefore, of which we can be mindful. It’s estimated that we are only consciously aware of 5-10% of all our thinking, thoughts, and beliefs. The conscious mind has limited processing capacity and only short-term memory; you can think of it as our RAM.

•  Subconscious Mind – That part of our thinking, thoughts, and beliefs that we are not consciously aware of because it runs in the background. This unconscious portion of our mind is outside our awareness and runs all our bodily functions, all our habituated patterns of thoughts and beliefs, and all our instinctive or automated reactions to specific stimuli as perceived by our five senses. The subconscious mind has virtually unlimited processing capacity and unlimited storage capacity. It houses our long-term memory that can be retrieved by shifting the awareness of our conscious mind to the memory we want to recollect.

The Ordinary World

The dimension most of humanity lives in today is the Ordinary World. In consciousness circles this is referred to as the “3rd dimension” or 3D. This is the world of logic – the domain of the mind. This dimension is bound by time and space and linearity. It is limited by how we perceive reality.

This is the world of direct linear cause-and-effect, meaning we believe by doing certain things – usually some logical plan – we get certain results. For instance, we go to college to get a degree so we can then get a career in our field of choice. We set a goal and then take logical sequential steps, according to how we believe the world works, and follow this logical plan. So far so good, this is how we move and operate in the Ordinary World and all of it is real.

However, in the Ordinary World, we identify with our egoic mind’s perception of self, which is merely a psychological construct— a “thought,” in other words.

We identify with our body, gender, race, creed, religion, nationality, etc. We even bicker and hate each other over disagreements about these identities. Yet, the irony is that all these psychological constructs battling with one another are not real; they are merely thoughts.

Furthermore, in the Ordinary World we are directed by our beliefs, which again, are merely thoughts about the world. From the moment we’re born, our minds start accumulating information (i.e., knowledge) about the world. Over time, this information becomes the automatic programming that’s stored in our subconscious minds and from this database all our unconscious thoughts arise. Our first 7 to 8 years of our lives are the most formative years for establishing the default programming of our subconscious minds. You could consider this the DOS operating system that’s being hard-wired into our subconscious minds, and upon this foundational “understanding” of life we will add all our further experiences and perceptions of life.

Conditioned Thinking

This DOS operating system is based on our individual upbringings, which include the cultural and societal beliefs that we learn in school, from books, media, or TV, as well as any religious doctrine we’re raised with. It becomes our “conditioned thinking”, yet it’s still just made up of psychological constructs, which form the lens through which we view and experience life. This collective subconscious programming is what dictates our lives. Our beliefs and understanding of the Ordinary World produce thought—some estimates are upwards of 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts each day—and our thoughts drive our emotions. Our emotions direct our actions or inactions and ultimately all of this produces the results we experience as our lives.

This operating system of how the egoic mind works is referred to as the psycho-cybernetic loop. See the figure below for a graphic representation.

Conditioned Thinking

Of course, we also have our conscious minds; however, for most of humanity the conscious mind has a remarkable small part in governing our lives. Until we cultivate a certain level of awareness and mindfulness, we are predominantly operating in life on the autopilot of our subconscious minds. Most people believe they are consciously commanding their lives when what’s really captaining the ship is their conditioned thinking.

Duality & The Veils of Illusion

In Vedic scriptures from which the Yogic traditions were born, there’s a concept referred to as Maya or the veils of illusion as they are actually layered. This refers in the Ordinary World to duality and the illusion everything appears separate and distinct, whereas we know on an energetic level everything is one and connected. In the process of awakening, we eventually gain the ability to see through all these veils of illusion.

The real crux is that we are neither our conscious mind nor our subconscious mind. They are merely a part of us in the same way that we have a body, but we are not our body. The first veil of illusion we must see through is that we are not our mind and our egoic’s mind perception of self is not real; it’s merely a psychological construct or image of Self in thought form. This realization, at the level of knowing which comes from the heart, is a major spiritual breakthrough and an essential first step in going on the rite of passage called awakening. When one is initially presented with this truth, it can be triggering. This is because the egoic mind believes that these constructs are the very essence of the Self, and therefore if we (still) identify with the egoic mind this is a direct attack on who we believe we are.

Let’s take a second to break down what goes on beyond these constructs. Who observes your innermost thoughts about who you believe yourself to be? This is the essence of the argument. “Something” is observing these thoughts. This “something” is your Higher Self, which is consciousness, which has the capacity to observe your own thoughts. The moment we have this realization, we have separated all thought from the observer. This is what is referred to as awareness which is an attribute of consciousness.

Therefore, what we really are at our deepest level is consciousness.

What Is Consciousness?

Our consciousness is the observer. If you prefer, you can refer to consciousness as your soul. I will explain more later about the nature of consciousness. For now, the key concept to understand is how the operating system of our mind works and that our mind produces thought and holds beliefs. All thought or beliefs are psychological constructs, it’s merely a perception of reality. But, they’re not real in the way that thoughts and beliefs are like clouds – they’re ethereal – you can’t touch them, they are ever-changing, and formless.

Let’s uncover another layer of the Ordinary World.

In the Ordinary World we perceive everything as being separate and distinct – them, that, or it and us. Therefore, when we live in this dimension (3D) we are ultimately limited by what our five senses can perceive and the confines of what our minds can logically understand. It’s important to note that the mind is governed by fear as the oldest part of our brain – often referred to as our lizard brain – is only concerned with survival. In the Ordinary World, we perceive everything as separate and distinct from us which is at the root of why the mind is governed by fear.

There are three levels of knowing that we need to understand to grasp this on a deeper level. The mind only knows (a) what it knows and (b) what it knows it doesn’t know. That’s our whole known reality. Everything else is a dark void that the mind cannot comprehend. The mind can only know what it has learned or experienced. The third area of knowing is a dark void from the perspective of the egoic mind – this is what the mind doesn’t know it doesn’t know. To put it frankly, this “blind spot” is the majority because what our minds actually know is extremely limited compared to the vastness of everything that could be learned or known about everything within the universe.

So, why the fear? This dark void represents infinity and the eternal, concepts our mind can only attempt to understand with logic. Yet, there’s simply no way for our limited mind to wrap its arms around something with no limits and this means it’s not in control.

Whatever the egoic mind perceives as something it cannot control, it perceives as a danger which triggers fear. Uncertainty is the nemesis of our mind as its most rudimentary instinctual task is to keep us safe and comfortable. This is exactly why it’s always scanning, labeling, analyzing, and cataloging every sensory input that it perceives through our five senses.

For as long as you live your life from the level of the logical mind, your life is at the deepest levels governed by fear. We’ll peel back more layers of this onion as we continue.

Don’t hesitate to read this first section again if these ideas aren’t entirely clear yet. It may take awhile to truly grasp.

The Ordinary World and Newtonian Physics

The Ordinary World is governed by Newtonian physics. It’s the tangible and physical world of atoms and molecules. I’m not saying that the Ordinary World isn’t real; the point is that it’s only one dimension and there are other dimensions which go beyond Newtonian Physics. From the level of the mind, we can only perceive the Ordinary World in a linear, logical way and we’re bound by time and space in this dimension.

Here in Earth School, as I like to call it, we cannot escape the Ordinary World and in fact we shouldn’t attempt to as the whole point is for our consciousness – our soul – to have this experience in the physical world. Besides, the Ordinary World is magnificent, all the human experiences of living in physical form and experiencing loving relationships, having a family, building, and creating things, making love, traveling, enjoying food, art, and music are all examples of the richness of life at this dimension. Worldly success can be exhilarating and fun. However, unfortunately, most of us don’t experience life in this way.

Many of us struggle, experience hardships and feel we get scarred by life. All of this is in the perception of the mind, and yet these perceptions form our understanding of life, which in turn feeds the psycho-cybernetic loop discussed earlier. We get stuck in this loop and are seemingly unable to get off the never-ending carousel which has become our experience of life. We reminisce about the past and project these beliefs – our understanding of life – thereby creating our future.

In the Ordinary World we operate from the misunderstanding that happiness, joy, and fulfillment come from outer world riches. We chase, pursue, persevere, and attempt to attain a prestigious job, wealth, trinkets, and shiny objects, and/or the perfect partner in the belief that we will find our happiness within those things. We don’t. What we find instead is a temporary shallow version of happiness. As we attain these things, we always shift our focus on the next thing, which might be the next promotion, a fancier car, a bigger house, more money, even more exotic vacations, or what have you. Always chasing, always pursuing, and never quite getting “there” no matter how much “worldly success” we attain. This is the premise of my book “Never Enoughitis” – it’s just never f*cking enough.

None of this makes you a bad or shallow person by the way, we are hard-wired as humans to always desire more. The problem is that we never really make it to a deep level of happiness, peace, and fulfillment that is impervious to whatever is occurring in our outer world. Our happiness is tied to our experiences in the outer world, which by nature is inherently unstable and chaotic, so we experience life as a roller-coaster. Sovereign happiness on the other hand is happiness regardless of what plays out in our outer world, we’ll delve deeper into that later.

The Finite Mind

The last layer we’ll uncover for now is that which is out of reach for our egoic mind because it can only compute logical, linear thought patterns. This is the domain of thinking. However, life is not linear – we experience all sorts of serendipities all the time, which we call coincidences, because we cannot explain them in a linear fashion. The fact is, there are no such things as accidents, flukes, coincidences, or random events in this universe. This entire universe and all of creation is governed and animated by an infinite intelligence so vast and expansive we simply cannot not comprehend or compute with our mind how everything works because it’s non-linear and not defined by time and space. We simply don’t have enough brainpower to understand this intellectually; however, we do have enough intelligence to witness how it all works and learn the laws of nature that govern this whole universe.

Moreover, we can go beyond the mind and tap into this field of energy that contains and is made of this infinite intelligence. When we do, we enter the world of feeling, sensing, knowing, and intuiting which is how we gain access to this intelligence of life itself. We can use the internet as a metaphor. Today, we no longer have to know everything because if we simply know how to access the internet, we can get information about just about anything. In the same way, each one of us has the capacity, or technology if you will, to tap into the intelligence of life itself. But first we must learn how to access this other world, which is nothing more than another dimension.

This is a perfect jump off point to shift our focus and explore that other world, the Spiritual World.

The Spiritual World is governed by quantum physics, the world of energy. It’s non-linear since there’s no time and space in this dimension. We also call this the 5th dimension or 5D. In this dimension we have access to the true magic that’s the underlying kinetic force that animates all of life and creation.

Let’s explore.

The Spiritual World

Two Worlds – An Explanation

First, I recognize that these terms might sound fluffy and woo woo but I promise you they’re not. I’m an Ivy-league educated businessman. I spent my whole career living, breathing, and mastering the art of realizing worldly success in the Ordinary World. I climbed that mountain and made it to the proverbial peak only to realize summiting the peak didn’t bring me what I thought it would.

And so, this sent me on another journey – my Hero’s Journey – which led me unto a search for gaining mastery of the Spiritual World as I had previously done in the Ordinary World. We are usually prompted by the universe to go on this journey when we’re ready even if we don’t realize it at the time. Therefore, the universe often nudges us through crises and catastrophe because without them we wouldn’t move. The same applied to me, my life had to fall apart. I needed an epic fall from grace to finally make that step, and another one, and another one. I’ve come to learn these trials are just divine gifts and the fact they come wrapped in sandpaper is only because we resist.

The first realization we must have – threshold we must cross – is to accept that we are the observer, we are not our thoughts or perceptions about ourselves or the world we live in. We are consciousness, a soul having a human experience.

So, what is consciousness? Consciousness is made up of awareness, intelligence, and energy. Everything in this universe is actually consciousness expressing itself. Every human, animal, tree, plant, planet, or any other life form including rocks, sand, and clay are at their very core consciousness expressing itself.

We know this because we know at the quantum level everything is energy. This is the premise of “all is one” because on a quantum (read: energy) level everything is connected. The idea of separation between anything is an illusion created by the mind through the arrangement of the sensory inputs.

So, How Does Consciousness Work?

Our awareness is the element of consciousness that can witness, interact, and correspond with all other awareness. It provides the capacity to be aware of ourselves including our thoughts which is the mind and our body.

Intelligence is the element of consciousness that expresses itself into a specific form. For instance, when we are conceived this intelligence of our consciousness knows how to express our body into form all the way from conception, incubation in the womb, through birth to death. We don’t have to think about any of this. There’s an intelligence within us that just unfolds this. This is the intelligence of life itself that’s part of our consciousness. This intelligence applies to every life form or element of creation in this universe. A planet doesn’t have to think about how to become a planet; the inherent intelligence of the consciousness of the planet simply unfolds itself into expression. The same goes for all plant and animal life and all other creation of form in this universe.

The energy element of consciousness is that atomic life force that animates all life and life forms into existence. We all intuitively know all of this to be true as after-all when consciousness, our soul, leaves the body the physical shell remaining decays and returns to stardust. The same goes for everything else in this universe.

These ideas might challenge other beliefs or understandings you’ve held for a lifetime. If so, take your time to digest this and reread the above until you feel you’re able to go deeper. All what I described so far is what all ancient wisdom traditions pointed at. This is universal wisdom that all the great wisdom teachers – Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and many others – shared in the language of their own time. But all that remains today is books and historical records which use words. However, words – which are content – are inherently limited and so we’re using language to describe what’s really beyond words, beyond content. The intelligence of life itself cannot be captured fully in words, so the best we can do is point at it using the tool called language.
The World Beyond Our Five Senses

Now, we’re going to leave the linear world of logic behind and enter the non-linear world of magic. And, when I say magic what I am really pointing at is the divine and the dimension of infinite intelligence.

Before we do so, just note that infinite intelligence is just a word. You may call it God, Creator, Source, Universal Mind, or whatever term suits you best. These are just labels that help our mind understand concepts. Words are, in the end, just content.

The Spiritual World lies beyond logical thinking, beyond words, beyond content. It is the dimension of intuitive knowing.

Once you learn to tap into this Spiritual World—which you can do through mastering the intelligence of the heart—this world becomes as real and palpable as the Ordinary World feels to you today. Energy is light and light is information, infinite information that is. In other words, it is the very intelligence of life itself that governs all of creation. Another name for this energy is love. Not love the emotion, love the energy.

Again, all the great wisdom teachers – Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and many others – pointed at this energy and dimension. In Christianity, this is what Jesus referred to as the “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.” Except, you can only describe it in symbolism because this world is beyond words as words ultimately are also a form of logic that we interpret with our neocortex.

The Bible speaks in symbolism. Yet, most religious scholars are unable to access the depth of this symbolism because they approach it from a 3D level of understanding. They read it with their neocortex where we process language and at that level one simply cannot grasp the depth of Jesus’ wisdom teachings.

The Heart = The Portal

Why the heart? Intuitively, mankind has always known there’s a distinct intelligence that resides in the heart. We have many references to this in our language: “I know in my heart of hearts” is just one of those expressions. All these expressions point to a deep level of knowing, which isn’t derived from any form of logical thought. Often, we really can’t explain it – we just know. We often dismiss this knowing as our mind protests loudly and rebuts it with logical thought. This rebuttal is really our subconscious mind programming overruling what we know to be true in our heart of hearts.

Our mind is limited by our conditioned thinking about how the world operates. This is unique to each human being as we each have our individual experiences which formed our conditioned thinking over the course of our lifetimes. This is exactly why no two human beings see and experience the world in the exact same way. How could they? They’re each looking at life through their own unique vantage point.

The heart has no such limitations as the heart has access to the very intelligence of life itself which is the infinite intelligence that governs all of creation and that is common to all of us. When we think of the heart, most of us think of a muscle pumping blood through a vast network of arteries, veins, and capillaries. We might associate the heart with love, the emotion, as well. Yet, few of us realize that our heart is a center of intelligence. And this is not just hyperbole. Through scientific studies we’ve learned that there are more than 40,000 neurons in and around the heart. We also know there is more information or data going from the heart to the mind than the other way around.

In fact, the intelligence of the heart is truly mesmerizing. It’s infinite much like the internet only has notional boundaries. But, to access this intelligence of the heart, we must gain fluency in the language of the heart. Whereas the mind communicates to us through thoughts – which are language based – the heart communicates with us in much subtler ways. We can only access the intelligence of the heart through feeling, sensing, knowing, and intuiting. It requires two key things for us to access the heart’s intelligence. First, we need to gain a foundational understanding of the intelligence of life itself. A base understanding of the true nature of all creation and the essentials of love the energy. Second, we need to learn to quieten down our mind so we can tune into the frequency of our heart.

Guides & The Hero’s Journey

This living in alignment with the intelligence of life itself can be acquired by going on the rite of passage called awakening. This is an initiation of sorts which is often referred to as the Hero’s Journey but more on that later. This Hero’s Journey typically involves being mentored by masters or guides who have walked through the fire themselves already. Some of these masters, like Jesus, Buddha, and Lao Tzu, are no longer physically here but we can deep dive into their wisdom teachings and acquiesce with their knowing. I purposely don’t say learn because learning is done with the mind. When it comes to the heart, we must merge with the wisdom teachings, so they become our own knowing. This is the path of spiritual awakening and can be spontaneous or take a lifetime.

Guides have gained a certain level of mastery in the intelligence of the heart. They are represented by those who have sufficiently awakened (as that’s an eternal journey) to be able to guide others through the rite of passage called awakening. To simplify, the goal is to awaken to the intelligence of life itself, which we access through the heart.

In Mayahana Buddhism, Guides are referred to as Bodhisattvas, which is a Sanskrit word that doesn’t have a direct translation in English. However, a Bodhisattva can be defined as an enlightened being who has put off entering paradise to help others attain enlightenment.

Here’s what you really need to know. Should you desire to seek a Guide to assist you on your journey, it will be your first test of placing your trust in the intelligence of your heart. You don’t select a Guide based on their factual credentials— there’s no such thing as a Bodhisattva degree—nor on some sort of logical thought process. You find the Guide that’s right for you with your heart. There’s profound wisdom in the ancient proverb “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Trust this to be true as I promise you it is.

On the Hero’s Journey, a term coined by historian Joseph Campbell who dedicated his life to studying mythology, there’s always a Guide or Mentor that appears when we cross the threshold from the Ordinary World into the Spiritual World. See below graphic for a visual representation of the Hero’s Journey.

Guides & The Hero’s Journey

What’s fascinating is that throughout human history humans have conveyed wisdom through storytelling, and we still do this today. The Hero’s Journey can be seen in the storylines of countless movies, books, and human mythology that spans thousands of years. For instance, in “Star Wars,” Luke Skywalker meets Obe-Wan Kenobi, who teaches him to be become one with the Force. In “The Karate Kid,” Daniel LaRusso, the underdog kid, finds Mr. Miyagi, an old Japanese karate master, who shows him how to transcend himself. The movie “Rocky” tells the story of an uneducated, kind-hearted, Italian-American called Rocky Balboa who goes on to find his Champion’s heart within through the guidance of a grouchy boxing coach. Even though in the end he loses the title fight to Apollo Creed, Rocky transcended himself in the process.

My point is this, we are all here in Earth School to transcend ourselves.

The Human Journey

This is the human journey. When we’ve exhausted our ability to grow in the Ordinary World, the universe nudges each and every single one of us to ascend to the next dimension – the Spiritual World. The Ordinary World is the dimension of “worldly success” and becoming “somebody.” This is the “game man plays” which goes by certain rules. But, at some point, we have achieved all the worldly success we desire and we have mastered the “game man plays.” In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we see this reflected in that the desire for self-realization comes after all other more basic human desires have been fulfilled. So, this is the typical opening for us to go unto a journey into the Spiritual World.

I like to refer to this dimension as gaining “spiritual maturity” and we get there through the process called spiritual realization or what Maslow referred to as self-realization. This is the “game the spirit plays” and that game has very different rules. In this world, we actually strive to become a “nobody” and so much of the work involved is about letting go. Letting go of all you’ve ever known, letting go of all logic, letting go of all illusions, and most of all letting go of striving to be somebody.

Becoming “Nobody”

Why do we need to let go of becoming somebody you might ask? Within the thought of needing to become somebody we create a separation between who or where we are today and what we believe we need to become to be whole or complete. This creates a strain or tension within us as within that perception we’re dismissing the universal truth of the intelligence of life that we’re exactly where we need to be at this very moment. Basically, within becoming somebody we’re never where we really want to be and that breeds unhappiness within us.

Our freedom is within not needing to become somebody and being totally at peace with being nobody at all. This doesn’t mean we no longer set goals and go after them; we just don’t pursue them to become somebody but just for the experience of the process we’d like to have. This is what it truly means to be unattached to the outcome and enjoy the journey. We can only become truly unattached to the outcome if we’re not trying to become somebody, now we are always exactly where we need to be in the moment as we’re just a nobody having a journey.
So, only then—once you’re in total surrender to being a nobody—will you cross the threshold and be truly free.
There’s a misconception that becoming nobody is the death of us. Nothing could be further from the truth. We don’t become a bump on the log of life; we actually come fully alive.
Liberated from the tyranny of all the ideas about what we should be, become, or achieve, we can now freely dance with life. We are no longer in trance with the projection of the movie called our life.
We now know that at the deepest level we’re the light projecting the film (in other words, our thoughts and beliefs about life) onto the screen.
We have transformed from a mere actor into the script writer or producer of the movie starring ourselves. Total creative freedom, we can do whatever we wish and make this movie called “Our Life” whatever we’d like it to be. There’s one caveat though, this creative control comes with divine responsibilities – no more horror movies. But that’s okay, because as a total nobody all you’ll want to do is to create uplifting art.
This is true freedom, nirvana, that level of happiness that is beyond words.

Quitening The Mind

Now, about the second key – quietening the mind. This is where practices and some techniques come into play such as meditation, breathwork, yoga, visualization, and many others. These are habits we can cultivate and what works best for one person might not be the solution for another. However, when you’re ready to start your journey, you will feel a quiet force pulling you to cultivate these habits because once you get a taste of what a truly quiet mind feels like, you will get addicted (in the healthiest of ways) to being there.

You will also feel gravitational forces pulling you to clean up your diet and lifestyle. Many bad habits or addictions will organically fall away as they are no longer in resonance with the new you. In fact, you’ll recognize you were using these bad habits and addictions to numb yourself. You will find your newfound calm mind will become sharper since there’s no longer so much noise taking up brain space and bandwidth. You will start to sleep better and more soundly. You will become more discerning about who you allow in your energy field, which means you will lovingly part ways with various people who were draining you. This list goes on. The takeaway is that your life will not look or feel the same. Yet, you will begin to do all of it with a sense of play and effortlessness.

You understand life at a far deeper level now so there’s no longer any urge to control everything in life. This is what it means to truly live life from the intelligence of the heart. It can only occur when the mind becomes a beautiful, fine-tuned instrument that acts as the servant to the true master – the heart.

In summary, what you’ve been seeking all along has been hiding in plain sight. It’s within the energy of love. When we master this understanding and the intelligence of the heart, everything becomes clear as day and we get direct access to all the things money can’t buy.

In the Spiritual World everything is possible, infinite possibilities, magic basically.

So, the only question I have for you is this: do you want to become a master of the intelligence of the heart to access this higher level of consciousness that’s within you and experience this world of magic?

It is your choice to decide when you go on this journey, but the journey itself is not optional.

If you’re interested in beginning your journey, DM me and let’s chat. I would be my pleasure to guide you there.

Love & Truth,
Robert Althuis


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